Live Interaction With Animals
In Our Physical Contact Areas

Duck feeding


The main lake has over 100 domestic ducks eagerly awaiting every piece of food from our special vending machines. One shiny quarter almost guarantees you a handful of feathered friends, who will follow you faithfully until every last morsel has been distributed.

Don't forget to enjoy a paddle boat ride around the main lake!

Petting Zoo

goat area

The Petting Zoo is a walk-in area where visitors can feed and pet African pygmy goats of all ages. You may be lucky enough during your visit to witness a goat (or two!) entering the world.

Specific food for these domestic goats can be obtained inside the petting zoo, from food machines around the petting zoo, at the concession stand inside the zoo, and at the film and stroller booth near the zoo entrance.

pygmy goats

Goats are not shy, so be prepared once you enter the petting zoo ... manners are not a priority for these colorful goats, but getting their mouths on some food is! Remember to feed with a flat, open hand. Even young goats still drinking milk will enjoy nibbling on your fingers and clothing.

To ensure that you don't leave with a different "kid" than you came in with, we ask that strollers be left outside the petting zoo. Hand sanitizers are provided as you exit the petting zoo.

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Deer Encounter

feeding deer

The fallow deer is a wild European species found in five different color variations. The deer encounter area is located at the far end of the zoo, next to the North American black bear cubs, bobcat, and Eagle owl displays. Animal food dispensers are located inside the area and just outside the gate. For years, the deer have been secretly studying the operation of the food machines. Quarter in = food out. If you're not prepared, the deer will eliminate the middle man (you!) in this equation and remove the food directly from the feeders before you even see it.

Male deer of this species grow new antlers every year during the summer. These antlers are very sensitive, and for this reason we ask visitors not to touch their antlers.

Hand sanitizers are available for visitors outside the deer encounter.

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